Sunday, March 04, 2007
Far be it for me to defend Ann Coulter in any context. It seems darn near impossible that such a thing would happen. Besides, she doesn't really need my help. I think she's perfectly comfortable being perceived as a stark argument against the continuation of human beings as a species.

Sure, when she calls John Edwards a "faggot" in front of hundreds of people, your first thought is to bring up the fact that she's got hands like a dude, an Adam's apple about the size of her ball sack and is so unnaturally thin, she puts meth addicts right off their dinners of Hot Pockets and meth.

Those are obvious, hackneyed, predictable responses, shared the whole blogosphere over, time and time again, by both the left and an increasingly high percentage of the right. So I won't go there. You know, anymore.

As a die-hard left-wing terrorist-lover, I would have to say that Ann Coulter has every right under the Constitution of the United States to say whatever the fuck comes into that crusted-over syringe-tip pin she calls a head. I give her all the leeway in the world. What she said was probably a totally scripted, pre-arranged, carefully crafted totally spontaneous result of a series of screened questions that completely took her by surprise.

And now... whaaa?! People noticed?

What's the result? Now Michelle Malkin looks quaint by comparison. Shameless Harridan of the New Media Right is a coveted title with a single seat at the top. She could have taken her beating and slinked away to the cold embrace of her home coven, but no. Ann knows you got to be in it to win it. Crazy bitch is as crazy bitch does.

Just to be fair, we do have the same thing on the Left, but it generates considerably less friction and thus far fewer headlines. It's just that nobody wants to get that close to Ralph Nader.

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