Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Popsus Interruptus
A minor (about 2 second) power fluctuation just wiped out my 3/4 finished post. That's nearly 4 minutes of work!

Instead of trying to recreate the whole thing, the highlights (such as they are) of what was lost:

-I am tired and slightly burnt-out.

-Toddler snot and saliva plus whatever that powder stuff is they coat Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with mixes to make the strongest bonding agent known to man kind. It does not look good on my shirt.

-Someone took a poll of high schoolers to see what they thought about the First Amendment. It seems like a really bad idea to me. The choice finding: "Students are more likely than adults to think newspapers should not be allowed to publish without government approval." I was worried until I kept reading. When asked what things were most important to them as Americans they said: "Drinkin'... bonin'... did I already say drinkin'?"

I'm less worried about the rising tide of junior fascism than I am about the rising tide of people heroically underinformed about basic current events.

-And finally, a picture of the Pope being attacked by a bird.

It's the Holy Spirit sent from God to take his soul to heaven. The next image is the Pope devouring the bird raw. He's not ready to go.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 8.7 (for the original)/6.6 (for this one)


He looks so calm and serene for a man who is about to have his soul snatched and taken home to rest for eternity. Then again, I think the Pope is smart like a cat, and he is simply waiting patiently, looking harmless, until the right moment to strike!
That photo is at least 15 years old. He hasn't un-hunched (or focused) in at least a decade.

Mmm. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
You know what would've been extra-rad? If you photoshopped a turd shooting out of the bird toward the Pope. Hm, maybe I should do that. BRB...
Jess: Again with the cats! Cat references every single post! Is there no escape? Have cats somehow become superintelligent and wrested control of the blogosphere from their human masters? It's madness I tell you. MAD-ness.

SJ: That's how we know the end is (scheduled to be) nigh.

Steph: I feel bad not doing something that could be categorized as "extra-rad", but Church by-laws actually prohibit me from PhotoShopping the Pope's picture to add animal excrement. Vomit is fine, but the Pope cannot be pooped upon.
Ahh, well I am a teenager (unfortunatly) and I would like to point out that I *heart* the First Amendment and that I think that free speech is good. So there. Just so that you know that all teenagers are not clueless...
Since I don't have to be worried about being excommunicated by the church or whatever, I did the dirty (ha ha)work for you. There is an addendum to my post today, thanks to you. And the pope. And the bird.
Ha! Steph is joining me in Hell! Eternity with me Steph - eat that!
Nice pic.
The last time I saw the pope on TV he had a big string of drewl...not nice.

"It's the Holy Spirit sent from God to take his soul to heaven. The next image is the Pope devouring the bird raw. He's not ready to go."

Yeah, so the Pope's now been hospitalized. I hope you don't believe in karma dude. I'm staying away from this blog for awhile. I don't want to go to hell yet.
K: Teenagers who read this blog (are there are more than one of you) are of course exempted from all generalized criticism. Same rules for all minorities. Thanks for your attention.

Steph: Thanks for finally saying it out loud--I am your inspiration.

Yoli: I hope the little smile on his face isn't just the medication.

MPH: That's the beauty of Catholicism, we reject heathen ideas like "karma". We can fuck over everyone we meet every day of our lives so long as we go to a 20 minute confession every once in a while. Sweet.
I don't understand why the news had to break in to the beginning of Scrubs and sound sad that the Pope was sick. Shouldn't we be happy that he is going to heaven, to spend an eternity in, uh, eternal bliss? I know it is a sin to commit suicide, but wouldn't a pope tat really believed say, "You know what, don't treat me. I'm kind of tired, I want to talk to God about a few things."
Oh, crap, now I'm all upset after reading this post.

(Wait for it...)

I missed Scrubs?!?
(Cue laugh track)

SJ-Have you tried the Peanut Butter Cinnamon Toast Crunch? MMMMMMM!
Catholicism is my excuse for everything.


Some Guy: You really shouldn't do that.
Me: It's okay... I'm Catholic
I saw that I was on the link list of folks who don't comment and the thing is, I want to comment, but I feel any comment I could make would certainly be inferior to those already listed. And so it is out of sheer shame that I do not offer my thougts to your posts.

Oh wait.

I just did, didn't I?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I thought I had replied already, but I don't see the thing up here yet. Either I closed the window without hitting SEND or Blogger has decided to fuck with me. I chose the latter only because I like to anthropomorphize the inanimate. Call it a hobby.

If you see a comment from me that looks EXACTLY like this one just above this, please choose the lesser and ignore it.

Rambuncle: Maybe he just wants to make it to the next Mardi Gras. Chicks will flash you in exchange for cheap plastic beads, you know.

HFB: Wocka wocka wocka.

Brent: Anything except abortion. You really shouldn't try that.

Olivia: Don't be put off by this rabble. Six or seven shots of cheap tequila, bang your head (hard) on the desk three or four times and you'll be right down to our level.
The picture of the pope made me laugh for quite a long time. I don't have much to say, but I noticed this post 5 days after you wrote it. Yeah, I'm a little behind. The new look is nice. Oh, and happy new year. ...Maybe i'm more than a little behind.
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