Friday, March 04, 2005
Get-Away Day
I would like to apologize, first of all, to all my regular readers for the ham-handed and cheap-looking changes to my blog's color scheme. The thing is, I had a few minutes to myself yesterday. I could have gone a dozen different ways with it. Since my kids were around, that cut out porn altogether, so I started messing with the HTML of my blog template. It started innocently enough, plugging in hexidecimal color codes, trying out different schemes from subtle to absolutely profane. All of it was in "preview" mode, never meant to be saved. But then, you know how the "Save Template Changes" button is right next to the "Clear Changes" button? Yeah, well, you hit that once and you're really screwed. Especially if you couldn't remember the original color codes.

So now there's some yellow and a slightly less washed-out looking shade of blue for you to enjoy. It's not exactly a template upgrade, but it sure is... um... not the same as before. I invite you to enjoy the fruits of my ineptitude.


My wife has two good friends she keeps in touch with from college. Both are getting married within a month of each other, one in March and one in April. Neither one was considering my point of view when they made their wedding plans, but what can you do? Slapping other people's fiancées is illegal.

So she's being scheduled to death with dress fittings and rehearsals and other junk. This weekend is the Big One: Bachelorette Weekend in Vegas.

My wife is not a bachelorette. I tried to explain this to her as I clung to her ankles as she fought to get out the door this morning. My pleas fell on deaf ears and I find myself alone with three children under five from about 20 minutes ago until Sunday afternoon.

And it's raining.

Supposed to rain aaaaaall weekend.

Housebound housebound housebound. Watch this space for Sunday night's post. It should be a world-beater. If no post makes it up here Sunday night, you may alternately watch your late local news. I'm sure they'll explain what sort of horror befell me and mine in the interim. Either way it should be spectacular.


I've been working on my self-esteem, but it's hard. You know how you can set up your blog to send you e-mail to alert you when you get a new comment? For some reason, mine insists on classifying all my comments as Junk.

It accepts no reconfiguration or suggestion to the contrary. Hotmail has put me in the same permanent category as Debt Consolidation For Christians and Penis Enlargement spam.

The only positive thing about it is that I know I must be reaching close to Absolute Realization of my quest to become a Failed Writer if bargain-basement spam-screening AI is rejecting my efforts.

I'll make something of myself yet.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 9.5


Why would you even think about using "penis enlargement" and "spam" in the same sentence.
EEEsshhh, your wife will be back with stains of vaseline and fresh cologne.

He he he, just torturing you here!
Have a happy weekend :)
I like the new color scheme--it's very Eastery. Remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. God I hate those ads.
Fuck Hotmail. Every word that I type is fuckig beautiful. I am going over to Hotmail HQ and kicking some ass.
I can't stand the yellow. It sits on the edge of my vision, making my eyes instinctively want to look. I refuse to look, so my eyes hurt me.

If by "local news" you are also including my local news in MD, then I am torn. While I would miss the blogging and commenting, something so spectacular as to make it all the way across the country would be sweet. When your blog is exposed, people will a) read my blog, since I commented here, and b) ask me my opinion on the incident. "I always thought he was capable of something like this but too chicken to do something like this. I thought Steph was the one that would lose it."
Join the cult.... get a G-mail account..
Pops you have all my sympathies -- but you have to make it through the weekend. For me, reading your blog is the equivalent of your aforementioned Deep Space Nine addiction.
InsanePerson: Actually, I wouldn't. It shows up in my e-mail box all pre-packaged for me that way. No pun intended.

Yoli: I sure hope not. Everyone knows petroleum-based lubricants break down the latex in condoms. I'm sure she's smart enough to use a water based lube like KY or AstroGlide.

Steph: Wow. I'm not sure how to take that. I was going for a muted blue-and-gold University of California homage color scheme, but it came out Easter Bunny. This is not good.

MPH: Normally I oppose violence. In this case I make an exception. Oh, and for Bob Novak too.

Rambuncle: Ah, perfect! I'm definitely keeping the yellow.

I wish I could give you a better heads-up on what will happen on Sunday, but that's just not the way complete mental breakdowns work. They're tough to schedule. I have a feeling it may involve the words "improvised explosive device", though.

Brent: Does it come with robes and a freaky haircut? Those are the only types of cults that interest me.

Robert: Yes! Someone is worse off than me. My whole life is validated. Thanks, Robert.
Pops, you're at your best when you're down in the dumps. Sorry to do this, but I have to wish continuing misfortune on you for my own entertainment.
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Hotmail News by - Oct. 17, 2005

Microsoft to Test New Hotmail Interface (AnandTech)
For those of you that use Hotmail, Microsoft is testing a new user interface for the popular web-based email client: Microsoft is preparing to publicly test its new front end Hotmail, code-named "Kahuna" and simply branded: Mail Beta. The upgrade will support an AJAX-based interface that has been rewritten from the ground up using...

AOL Offers $299 PC (Connected Home Media)
Everyone's favorite dominant ISP introduced an intriguing offer this week: Agree to use AOL for a year, and you can purchase a low-end PC from the company for just $299. Although the deal seems like a bid to stem the flow of subscribers eager to get out from under the multicolored, dumbed-down AOL interface, the offer actually appears to be decent, assuming you're not into playing the latest 3-D games. Of course, you can get a decent Dell system for not much more than the cost of the AOL PC plus the service (about $585 when you add it all up).

Preview of New MSN Hotmail (Slashdot)
An anonymous reader writes "Here is a Preview of a new MSN Hotmail system, using AJAX. Currently in Beta testing." Most interesting is how the user interface more closely resembles a traditional local application. It's definitely a big step in that direction.

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