Thursday, March 10, 2005
Reports from all around the Blogger-built corners of the blogosphere that chaos and frustration reigns.

I personally have been trying all morning to get this stupid thing to work only to find that the problem is systemic and nothing at all to do with me. I'd be lying if I said the narcissist in me wasn't just a little disappointed.

Despite that realization, I would like to say how much I miss my old heavy CRT monitor with its thick glass concave screen. It was always easier to weather the really frustrating days that inevitably come with all things technological with Ole Boxy around. That monitor could really take a head-butt.

Hey, I think I may have accidentally figured out why it broke down on me.

Also, I'd like to welcome two new members to my blog roll over on your right. Not all new additions get mentions, but these two are special in their own way.

1) GeekThug not only has a silly name, but is also the first fellow Riverside blogger who I find interesting enough to include. OK, so mostly it's because he linked me first, but how else was I supposed to find him?

2) Boobs and Legs. First of all, best blogname ever. Second, I didn't even have to beg or plead or send money. I was spontaneously linked by my new BFF Cricket. I can only deduce that she was awed by the wonder that is the Bucket and its new graphical realization. I knew the 7 minutes I spent creating the cheap JPEG banner for my blog would pay off. Let this be a lesson to all you struggling artists out there: stop trying so hard. People are just as impressed by third-grade level collages.


Not only am I a bleeding-heart liberal Democrat, but I'm also the product of the public school-administered politically correct multicultural agenda.

As a result, I have no strong convictions. Even my sense of self has been eroded to the point of squirmy, slushy nothingness by the lingering echoes of what I was taught I (think I sort of) believe (in a case-by-case, relativist kind of a way).

For instance, I can only defend myself in certain instances. If a random African-American were to walk up to me on the street and punch me in the face (a common fear among suburban white people), I would be forced to respond: "Yes. Thank you. That is for the 500 years of suffering inflicted on your people by mine. You may kick me in the ribs in payment for the rape of your grand-mothers by their wicked white-devil slavemasters if you like."

When asked what I think about social security or Iraq or the laser-beam missile shield or deforestation, I always answer "You know, it kind of depends. It's really complicated..."

Sure, it's been easier since Bush was first elected. Then I can say "What's W's position? I'm for whatever the opposite of that is." That's the only taste of sure, blind-faith neocon Republicanism I'll ever get.

When walking outside, if confronted by a breeze of sufficient strength, I almost always let it push me where it wants to, even if it's into traffic. Who am I to impose my will on the wind's chosen course? The atmosphere was here long before the white man came with his colonial policy of cultural genocide. The least I can do is let it blow me. Whenever, wherever.

You should know then that anything I say can and will be liable to change at a moments' notice. I am unburdened by conviction.

So remember yesterday when I said I wasn't going to move over to HaloScan? Turns out the latest Blogger debacle has moved me to give it a shot. You can find it at the bottom of this post.

It would be too uncomfortably decisive of me to make the single move whole-hog, though. I'm going to leave the already-posted Blogger comments up while I figure out how this HaloScan thing works and I decide whether or not I want to keep it as my primary comments source.

All this assumes Blogger is working again and I can even post this. Are you reading it yet? Ah, good. I guess it worked.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 8.3



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