Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Memorial Bucket Cheap Picture Blogging
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"As we look across these acres, we begin to tally the costs of our freedom," Bush said in speech outside Washington at the U.S. military's Arlington National Cemetery, where more than 260,000 veterans since 1864 have been interred. "We must honor them by completing the mission for which they gave their lives by defeating the terrorists, advancing the cause of liberty and building a safer world. To that end, I am announcing today that all active and reserve members of the armed forces are automatically enrolled in the new Soldier-For-Life program, where no discharges will be granted under any circumstances. This coupled with the elimination of survivor benefits and 100% base closure should save us a buck or two down the road. I know it sounds harsh, but just imagine what the terrorists will think when they hear we do stuff like this to our own people. Man, they'll be pissing in their burkas or ashrams or whatever is you call them things they wear. Don't Laura look hot, everyone? God bless America!"


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