Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Church Of Bucket, Scientist
I hate to tease you all, just getting back as I did from a long absence and then putting up posts like this one telling you how I won't be able to manufacture a proper post right away today, but this is just how it's gotta be.

The responsible thing to do, obviously, would be to convert to Christian Science and eschew all forms of modern medicine for me and my children. That way we could stay home instead of having to go to doctor appointments during prime blogging hours.

But that's no guarantee of free time. See, then every time my kid has an asthma attack, we'd all have to sit around reading scripture and praying and shit like that instead of just zapping him with the nebulizer like we do now. Who knows how long that could take? I don't even know where to find the right kind of snakes to hold during the services...

I guess the point is, once again, that having kids is a giant time suck whether you're a slave to modern corporate medicine or crazy-ass ideas of spontaneous holy-ghost panacaea. If you haven't procreated yet, don't. Go to the movies. Ones without singing animals and everything.

There may be more later, but no guarantees. Start praying now.



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