Thursday, June 09, 2005
Parent Day Placeholder Post
It's Parent Day at my kid's school. This means cafeteria lunch for us and kid-acted morality plays about Being Nice To People and Helping Others In Need. As far as I can tell on the schedule of entertainment, though: no Jesus. Pretty remarkable for a Catholic school program.

This also means that Mrs. Pops is home and my free time to blog is somewhat curtailed. So you get this placeholder with the hope that I might be able to post something longer later about how much I'd love to nail Dianne Wiest.

Until then, know this at least: USA 3 - 0 Panama. Same score as the Costa Rica game. 12* points from 5 matches, tied for first with Mexico in the group and looking like a sure thing for World Cup Germany 2006. Book your plane tickets now.

Peace out, homiez.


*=EDIT: I had misreported the standings and for that I apologize wholeheartedly. I realize I am the one and only source for all soccer-related news for my loyal readers and I have fallen down on the job. I am ashamed. The full standings can be found here. I feel like I should do something to make up for this failure on my part, but then I've already provided links to pictures of Brad Pitt naked, so I can't conceive of anything else I could do for you, my readers, better than that. Enjoy.


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