Monday, July 18, 2005
Pops' Bucket Monday Lite Review Of Book(s)
Well, I've finished it.

Harry Potter's come a long way since that first book.

I anticipated most of the things that happened. As the larger story progresses, we get more and more of an idea of the way Rowling likes to present things and it gets easier and easier to figure her out.

I will admit though, while I expected a little more sticky, face-sucking randy-ness among hormonal teenagers in this book now that Harry and his mates are 16-ish, I was completely shocked by the orgy.

It's not just that they decided to have a blood-and-sex witch's sabbath, but the graphic--almost pornographic--detail she went in to in what is supposed to be a children's book I thought was a little excessive.

But that's what happens when you're a superstar author whose name on the front of a book is a license for publishers to print money. Editors can't tell you shit.

Beyond that, for anyone who doesn't know, the subject matter requires an almost total suspension of disbelief. I mean it's a book about teenagers and there isn't one single reference to methamphetamine. Completely ridiculous. Yeah yeah, magic wands and flying horses, whatever, but come on.

Happy reading. I will say in general that I enjoyed it, right up to the part where Harry dies about half way through. The rest of the book is just a bunch of people sitting around looking at each other, not doing anything, just like a bunch of supporting characters minus their protagonist might. I don't know what the 7th book is supposed to be about but it's shaping up to be a real downer.

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