Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Shots At Ten Paces!
As a left-wing blogger, I guess I'm supposed to post all kinds of shit about Karl Rove and who said what when to whom about somebody's wife and oh what a bunch of lying weasels all Republicans are.

Frankly I don't have the heart to invest any vitriol into this yet. I've been burned too many times. Everytime there's some dark, nefarious, scumbaggy shit going down attached to this administration we get all worked up for the furor only to be left, once again, itchy, overdressed and unfulfilled. Just like Prom Night.

So I'm staying out of it for now. I got nothing. I do miss the good ole days when if someone said some shit about your wife and it got back to you, it was pistols at dawn. Hamilton and Burr, man. That's the way thinking people handled stuff. Of course it's complicated now since Valerie Plame is a CIA field agent and probably a much better hand with a firearm than her bureaucrat husband, but I think the point remains: watching people get shot is more fun than watching cable news.

The pay-per-view rights alone... well, I shudder to think. I daren't even dream.

Anyways, like I said, I'm a liberal so I'm obligated to pile on. Now I know how conservatives felt a year into the second Clinton term: beaten up and exhausted. But delirium tremens will do that to a guy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comInstead of saying anything nasty, I guess I'll just throw out a picture of Karl Rove for your viewing pleasure. Go on, make your own jokes about necklessness or receding hair or skin-pastiness or multiplicity of chin-age. They kind of write themselves. I can't seem to get up for that sort of thing at the moment. He sort of looks exactly how I think every male underling in every department in Washington must look. If Google didn't tell me this was Karl Rove I would have had no idea. Look at him. If I told you he was the Third Vice-Undersecretary of Agriculture for Chick-peas and Soy, you wouldn't immediately know I was wrong, would you?

Hey, do we have a Third Vice-Undersecretary of Agriculture for Chick-peas and Soy? It seems like we should. Them Arabs are kicking our asses in the hummus department. It's time for that to stop.

Oh yeah, and Karl Rove totally sucks.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 3.8



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