Thursday, January 26, 2006
So Very Sleepy
It has taken 19 months, but I have officially run out of ideas. You leeches have officially sucked me dry. As a testament to my creative bankruptcy, I present for you all--in lieu of the expected text-heavy Awesome you've come to love and respect--the following picture of a monkey in a suit.

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I'll see you people tomorrow. If I can't find a picture of a dog riding a unicycle or something similar, I fear for all of us.


UPDATE #1: See, there's even a story about Michael Jackson dressed as a woman while shopping in Bahrain and I can't even think of anything to do with THAT. I told you people, I'm spent. Only, isn't cross-dressing a capital offense in Muslim countries? Wouldn't it be ironic if he went AAAAAALL the way to Bahrain to get away from potential legal trouble with this pedophile business only to be beheaded for wearing a head-scarf?

UPDATE #2: And now people are finding me (top result!) with the Google search: did doctors decide liam neeson's colon problem was anxiety related?. And still... nothing. I'm like a eunuch in a whorehouse today.


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