Monday, February 06, 2006
Hail To The Victors
I had sort of moved on from all this Super Bowl business, but as one of my readers is a Pittsburgh resident AND I have no new ideas of my own, I will take up her challenge to show "a little Pittsburgh love" this day in recognition of their boring-ass triumph yesterday. Seriously, I've seen better football games.

If any of my lurking Seattle-area readers (and I know you're out there) wish to complain about my lack of Pacific Northwest equal time, well, consider these two things: a) you didn't ask and b) you suckers lost. As this blog is entirely driven by blind ego and a desperate need to be all things to all people, the weight of A far, far supercedes that of B. Just for future reference.

And now:

An Ode

by Pops


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O Pittsburgh! O Pittsburgh!
Town to which I have never been!

Visitors come from far and wide to marvel
At the Once-great town
whose name makes it sound
as though it were named
for Holes in the earth!

Seriously, it's got the word "pits" right in the name
I'm sure that's never come up amongst native teenagers
Or by people in neighbouring municipalities
Who have less than Favourable views
Of this fair city

O Pittsburgh, Great Pittsburgh!
Athens of the...
I was going to say "Midwest" but is it really?
Honestly, where is Pittsburgh anyway?
It's obviously not a Great Lakes city
And it certainly isn't on the East Coast
It's sort of in between Mid-Atlantic and Appalachia

O Pittsburgh, Great Pittsburgh!
I'm sure you lead the industrialized world
In some other category
Besides unemployment figures
And early-afternoon Drunkenness
Only I can't think
Of what that might be
Off the top of my head

O Pittsburgh, Great Pittsburgh!
People say You are the second largest city in Pennsylvania
but to me
you'll always be
the Biggest City in West Virginia

Way to go on that football thing, too!

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 2.6



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