Monday, February 27, 2006
Monday Lite: Arrivederci, Coma
The usually-reliable HaloScan commenting system is in something of a mood right now. Blogger comments are back on for the time being, but I still find them somewhat annoying.

The lack of comment activity means that I have to single-handedly supply all of you with entertainment with the expectation of nothing in return. I give and I give and I give and what do I get? Mostly feelings of deep satisfaction and high personal worth. So it's all good.

The only thing I'd like to say on this Lite Monday is that I watched a little bit of the closing ceremonies from the Olympics in Turino.* The theme was "Carneval" inspired by the fact that tomorrow is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Carnival in the Catholic world. Usually (in, say, South America or New Orleans) this means plastic beads and drunken nudity. I'm good with that. I was interested to see how they would handle that in both a) the staid, composed Olympic setting and b) the freezing-ass cold.

Instead I saw this:

Clowns? Nobody said anything about clowns. What's worse, I don't think that clown even has boobies to show me were I to produce the requisite amount of bead necklaces.

The main problem is that anytime I see something like THAT (our clown, above), my brain immediately always goes to THIS:

So I switched the TV off ASAP, ran up stairs and went straight to bed, where I would lay, fully clothes, lights on, screaming at the top of my lungs for the next nine hours.

Mrs. Pops was not happy, but a phobia is a phobia. I don't judge her when she gets all irrational just because the kids found the rat poison again. Talk about your ridiculous fears. It says rat poison right on the package. My kids aren't rats, hence no problem.

Ah well. Marriage is about learning to live with one another's idiosyncracies. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to check the air vents for creeping murderous clowns, perhaps traveling in gaseous form. They can do that, you know.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 9.8


* = if a giant corporation like GE-NBC-Unverisal doesn't have to decide how to spell it, neither do I. It's "Turino" and I dare you to defy me.

EDIT: Of course as soon as I finish, HaloScan fixes itself. What a lot of work for a bunch of people just to make me look stupid. Nice work, HaloScan.


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