Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Dental Appointment Placeholder Post Of Doom!
Dental hygiene waits for no man. It might seem sort of pointless to you all since you know I lost most of my teeth during the dark days last year of my meth-bender/scurvy one-two punch left me mostly tooth-free. But believe it or not, the fake ones need just as much maintenance. Especially when they're all made of gold.

To entertain you now, I give you my ideal picture of full dental and every other aspect of personal grooming.

George Hamilton says: it's OK to smoke cigars, so long as you remember to floss 8-15 times daily.

Wish me luck. You know, on NYPD Blue, Jimmy Smits' "Bobby Simone" character was killed by a bad trip to the dentist. Something like that would be just my luck.


ADDENDUM: In the interest of non-plagiaristic fairness (and because I got yelled at) I feel I must point out that Happy Fun Ball CLAIMS to have proprietary rights to the "Placeholder of Doom" name JUST because she thought of it first. So I'd like to apologize: I'm very sorry HFB is a big selfish baby. Please keep an eye on the comments section where she will no doubt also claim to have invented George Hamilton.


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