Thursday, April 06, 2006
Bunnies Doing Capra
I'm not under any illusions; I know what you people come here for. You come here for the simple reason that the words that I write sustain and fortify the heart that beats within you, making life possible while simultaneously providing your immortal souls with all the nourishing poetic sustenance it needs to flourish and thrive. The Bucket is like fertilizer for the soul, compost for the spirit, dried up handfuls of cow shit for the psyche.

I grudgingly also acknowledge that some of you read this for mere, crass entertainment purposes. And the dick jokes. With that in mind, I present for you today's offering.

But before we begin, let me distract you all for just a second with a graphic description of babies being eaten by wolves.

No, I'm kidding. But had I actually gone through with that, I imagine the reaction among the readership would have been similar to those of moviegoers in New York whose featured filmed entertainment was preceded by the trailer for United 93, the film about what happened inside the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11.

You can view the trailer here if you're so inclined.

Remember, this was a New York City audience. The trailer includes news footage of planes crashing into the WTC towers. And yet still, for some unknown reasons, people who might have witnessed the event personally were upset. Weird.

Anyway, the theater pulled the trailer.

Personally I'm not sure how I feel about United 93. In theory it's a good idea as the story has all kinds of natural high dramatic tension to make a compelling film. But on the other hand, there is such thing as too compelling. The story of people fighting terrorists is OK. The first image I see of some kid strapped in a car-seat on the airplane that is going to crash would be... less helpful to me personally.

Now, seeing as I am not a Republican, I am NOT saying that I think this film should never have been made or that we should all draw up hand-made signs and protest until theaters are bullied into dropping it or that the people who made it should be rounded up and shot. I'm just saying that I personally don't think I'm up to watching it right away.

The producers of the film have said they will donate 10% of the first three-day grosses of the film to the Flight 93 memorial fund. The other 90% and all subsequent profits they will use to fund their next project, Mouse in a Microwave.

I may skip that one as well.

This 9/11 news all comes in fits and starts. We have new cockpit tapes, Rudy Giuliani testifying at the Massaoui sentencing, the debate over whether to give a wannabe martyr his martyrdom etc.

But before we get too upset, this being the Age of the 24 Hour News Cycle, something new is always just on the horizon to drag our ADD-addled brains along into something else the media insists we must DESPERATELY concern ourselves with. The news linking George Bush directly to the Plame investigation looks like the thin end of that wedge. It seems so awfully important, but I'm sure someone will try to elude police in a multicounty freeway chase somewhere and that will get shoved aside in its turn.

But if all that doesn't work and you're still mired in depressing 9/11 talk, you can always sit down and try to hash out your thoughts into some kind of long, dark brood into the deep metaphysical and existential ins and outs of human agency, morality and death.

It sounds a little grim, but I think you'll find, as I often do, that just such a session has a tendency to clear the--hey, look! Bunnies doing Capra!

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 9.3



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