Sunday, April 09, 2006
Theme park. Can't type. So very weak.

It was a beautiful day, weather wise; the kind with just enough sun and clouds mixed and a decent breeze. A day without jackets or sunscreen.

Usually I don't like to include personal pictures of myself as it compromises my perfect veil of secrecy shielding me from stalkers, weirdos and various statutes of limitation, but sometimes rules need to be bent for my own protection. In case some of you may have been harboring thoughts of punishing me for neglecting you today, I offer you this close-up picture of the area of skin on the back of my neck between the hair-line and the collar-line:

The eschewing of sun-screen was, in retrospect, an unfortunate oversight. Boy howdy, does it ever smart. If you were about to wish upon me some suffering, rest assured, it has been visited upon me. I have been smited by the very sun.

Sure, it makes those cool instant white outlines of anything you smack against it, but seeing as it's a) in a hard-to-see area and b) excruciatingly painful, I can't even get any pleasure out of that.

So you all win.

I am a bad, bad blogger.

And I'm OK with that.




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