Monday, April 03, 2006
Monday Lite: She Always Likes A Warm Hand On Her Opening
Yesterday's dog business precluded my normal annual in-depth coverage of baseball's official Opening Day.

I know I've let you all down. Again. But somehow pitches were still made and balls were hit and runs were scored and oh my what an awesome place America is.

Throw in an apple pie and someone's mom (preferably not my own) and we got ourselves a party.

Less well covered by the media was another Opening Day in another sport, this for MLS. Major League Soccer.

Before you run screaming, I would just like to say that soccer gets a bad rap. People in this country like to dismiss it as some fruity European celebration of pony-tailed, bare-legged gayness, but that's just blinkered provincialism, frankly.

Look at this picture from yesterday:

Look at the passion. Look at the joy, the exultation, the drive and the effort. These are men who spend months at a time with no one but each other, on practice fields, in weight rooms, in restaurants, in hotel rooms, even in showers, foregoing the sight and touch of all others so that they can be together, to pursue their common dream, their common goal of... uh... grabbing each other... from behind... and looking like they're... uh...

OK, so it's European. I still like it.

Also: I'm totally having one of those net thingies installed in my house.

Enjoy your season(s) people. The best news: with 200 cable channels, you don't have to watch any of it if you don't want to.

America the Beautiful indeed.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 7.1



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