Monday, May 08, 2006
I'm Sorry, The Llama Has No Comment At This Time
A couple of quick hits:

Remember when President Bush could do just about whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to and be loved for it? Mispronounce words, give medals to layabouts and incompetents, invade countries and be a generally pouty bitch when he didn't get his way?

None of that mattered because he could invoke 9/11 and then toy with Congressional Democrats like a cat with a mouse. Like a really big cat--maybe even a robot cat, like say a robot puma or a robot cougar--who maybe wasn't the most advanced, vocabulary wise, but was still more than a match for the poor, wounded, three-legged, asthmatic, blind, cold-sore afflicted mouse. Most of those conditions keep the mouse from getting away, but the cold-sore, man... that's just painful and degrading.

At some point, everything turned around. I don't know to what extent it was overreaching on Social Security, rising gas prices, the Colbert Emperor's New Clothes moment... I don't know. The general consensus seems to be "Hey, this guy doesn't seem to be very good at this whole presidenting thing."

Instead of having everything he does, no matter how retarded, look like a rain of gold from heaven, things have progressed to where the press and people in general will even comment upon the occasional misstep. Not only that, but the administration seems to have settled on a new plan of 100% missteps, all the time. It can't be an accident. How do you find a nominee for the Director of Central Intelligence that even Congressional Republicans reject before the nomination is even announced?

Can that be a coincidence? No, there must be some kind of program here. I keep waiting for Karl Rove's other size 8 (wide) shoe to drop. Something bad is going to happen at some point to Democrat mid-term election hopes as a result of all this. They already made Patrick Kennedy take a bunch of drugs and then forced him to go driving the other day. That's just the first shot.

I think they must be intentionally trying to drive his approval rating lower so that when they DO turn it around, it will be that much more demoralizing for the Democrats. I expect the pictures of Barack Obama and John Kerry having sex with each other and a very surprised llama to be made public any day now.

You heard it here first.


Speaking of 9/11 and bad ideas, I was reading this article about the drive to make a FDNY chaplain who died at the WTC a saint. Sounded fine to me, but then I read this descriptor:

"Glenn Holsten's film, 'The Saint of 9/11,' shows Judge moving in often-conflicting social circles: a proud Irish-American; a recovering alcoholic helping others fight addiction; a confidant for tough, gritty firefighters, and a celibate homosexual active in the gay community."

Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm going to go ahead and predict a little bit of resistance on that one. They're going to need more lube than the whole NYC gay community can provide to make that happen. And that's a lot of lube.

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