Thursday, June 29, 2006
Third In A Series Of Three
Babysitters for three kids are not easy to find. And yet somehow, when there are twelve Guatemalans living in your attic, shackled together so that they rely on you as their only source of food, sunlight and toilet access, arrangements can always be hammered out. Sometimes literally.

This is how Mrs. Pops and I found ourselves able to run out for a few hours and take in the much-anticipated Superman Returns.

In the interest of fairness, completeness and because my new openness has kicked down doors into realms of creepy exhibitionism I never knew I had, I present for you a picture taken from the back row of the theater featuring both myself and--making her world blog debut--my darling wife, Mrs. Pops. This was taken by an usher. It's amazing what you can get them to do for $5. Immediately after this picture was taken, I had him do a funny, funny dance. Best $10 I ever spent. Anyways:

See how the Man of Steel himself casts an envious backward glance in my direction. Even he fears the abs.

In the course of bringing these images to you, I have learned two things:

1) People in general do NOT appreciate flash photography in the middle of a film and
2) Writing takes less time than picture-making, but it sure is less fun.

I'll go back to words and junk in the near future, I promise. For now, ogle. And resent the fact that this image cuts off before the eyes can reach my glorious package. Sorry people, I have afforded you quite enough of that. Basic law of supply and demand tells me I must keep pictures of my genitals rare (and wonderful!) so that they remain precious. I'd hate to cheapen myself.

No rodeo as promised yesterday, but Mrs. Pops did insist on the hat. Strangely, no one in the theater complained.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 9.4


PS- The movie was actually pretty good. Slow in some parts, but effective in all the right places. Looked fantastic as well.


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