Monday, October 16, 2006
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For those of you my age and older, I bet you're asking yourself: what ever happened to that Jerry Brown guy, the skinny guy who ran for president back in 1992 with an avuncular mix of populism and grassroots anti-estblishment fire that can only be convincingly faked by someone who grew up the son of the Governor of California?

I know you're all wondering. It's the same way I wonder, as a non-New Englander, "Hey, what ever happened to that Paul Tsongas?"

Jerry Brown, in case you're not clear on his bio, was (as I said) the son of a former governor of California and himself became governor in the 1970s. Weird hippie ideas (balanced budgets, environmentalism), banged Linda Ronstadt back when she was still hot, that sort of thing.

Then he ran for the Senate a couple of times and lost. Ran for president three times and lost, the last time in 1992.

So what's he doing now? He's the 2006 Democratic candidate for California attorney-general, that's all!

This is after his stint as mayor of Oakland.

It's not an uncommon progression, mayor of a major city, on to statewide office, then either governor or senator capped off by a presidential run. Pretty standard political trajectory, as things go. But man, who else do you know that gets to do it twice?

My only question is: when he makes it all the way back to governor, does he have to bang Linda Ronstadt again or can he choose a 2000-whatever surrogate that represents the relative hotness of Ronstadt at her 1970s peak? Because if it's the former, I'd say Attorney-General is a perfectly respectable position from which to retire.

If it's the latter, I hear that hot Dancing with the Stars chick is available. No, not Mario Lopez, the OTHER one.

OK, I shared, now it's your turn. I'm feeling all nostalgic for the Democratic Candidate Class of 1992. What's Lloyd Bentsen up to these days?

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