Thursday, December 07, 2006
What A Gulli-Bull... What A Nin-Cow-Poop
It's Thursday (where you are as I type this) and it's a self-maintenance day for ole Pops. Doctor appointments and whatnot. On advice of Mrs. Pops, I'm finally going to look into getting my head removed from my ass.

As I will be unavailable to regale you with a new synthesis borne out of my accumulated wisdom and pictures of famous people's hoo-has, I leave you to contemplate the following visual tone-poem in honor of today, Pearl Harbor Day. Prepare to be touched deeply.



Tori! er... a!

Hey, if you think crappy puns are a bad way to commemorate this solemn day, consider the following alternatives I was considering:




OK, I admit it, all three of those were better than Tori Spelling. But it's not her fault she looks like that AND can neither call lightning with a bitchin' hammer at will nor swallow a rifle so that it fires out her horns when she hits her tail against the ground.

You know what, fuck this, go watch the cartoon. You work hard. You deserve some Bugs Bunny.

I'll do better Friday.



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