Sunday, January 07, 2007
I've Seen The Promised Land
It's been a very long Disney-tastic weekend and I'm frankly knackered. Frank, if you're out there, you were brilliant.

Also: we're in the stretch drive here, just days away from a TOTAL return to Home Life Status Normal around here, the proximity to which is driving me batty. I haven't had this much pent up sure-to-be-disappointed anticipation since the week Star Wars Episode I came out AND my first child was born all within days of each other. I expect long bouts of totally unexplainable tears after this as well.

Plus, with a sick kid at home, I have almost no energy left for this nonsense this evening.

Usually on these types of days, I will leave you with a single image to contemplate. This time I'm going one step further. I'm going to do you all a favor.

Any questions any of you may have about your own sexuality--regardless of your gender!--can be definitively cleared up by gauging your first gut reaction to this single image. Ready? Be sure you're ready. Call your parents and tell them you love them now if you're not. Your next phone call to them might be kind of awkward.

OK, steady yourselves. We go in three...



In Swayze there is truth.

You are welcome.

Back tomorrow night with something more. I hope. Wednesday for sure. Wednesday is our deliverance.



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