Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Gone Fishin' Day 1
I think the most appropriate topic for today's post would be to ask the question: how the fuck does Blogger not have a delayed-release time-bomb type posting option? I would love to be able to date and timestamp my posts and then have them appear at the appropriate pre-set hour to complete the illusion that I care enough to post even while I am gone, but no, apparently that kind of crazy technological functionality just isn't possible. I mean, we'd need a computer or something to figure out something like that. They can do it for anti-diarrhea pills, but not for a blogpost.

And oh man, hey, can you believe that thing that happened? You know, that one that's all over the news? Man, it totally took me by surprise. Especially if it was the crash of the plane I might currently be on. That would have surprised me greatly, possibly in the tragical past tense.

Instead, here's hoping it was just speculation about Bob Barker being the father of Anna Nicole's baby.




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