Friday, March 02, 2007
I'm Right Behind You, Charlene
My kids have the day off today because, apparently, being Catholic means having a less rigorous schedule than all the heathen kids in public school. Saving our strength for the ascent into Heaven, I guess.

This means the little darlings are all up in my face, not leaving me a lot of space to use words like "f*ck" or "*ss-f*sting" because, somehow in the four hours a week they have to be in school, they've picked up on this reading business. Seriously, what am I paying those people for?

But if I can't swear in a healthy, asterisk-free way, what's the point of blogging?

Except to assign you homework. Please watch the below.

As an American, of course, I am outraged immediately and lawyers have been retained. The only thing I can't figure is what is a better pretext for emotional distress from a civil court judge's point of view:

1) Injury from an attack on the social subset of which I am a part, on behalf of all SAHD's everywhere, including the shockingly offensive exposure to a clip from the execrable Mr. Mom, the N-word of the stay-at-home-dad set or

2) My sense of entitlement questioning why, if they were going to do a piece on this subject, I was never consulted. I defy any of you to think of a better example of the species. OK, maybe they didn't want me to say "c*cksucker" on TV, but still, I would have liked to have had the opportunity to turn them down indignantly.

Please enjoy my words and the Colbert cheap video, preferably in that order.


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