Monday, April 18, 2005
The Long Slow Death Of My Inner Child
Remember about a month ago when I hipped all of you to the fan-made Star Trek "episodes" written by, directed by and starring Some Bunch of Dudes with computers and no girlfriends?

Not to be outdone, a totally separate group of saddos with a credit card, a SteadiCam and zero risk factor for sexually transmitted diseases have done the same for Star Wars.

The film--premiering today on the internet--and made exclusively not for profit they would like George Lucas to know--is called Revelations. The plot has something to do with Jedi and ex-Jedi and quasi-Jedi and their smart-alecky pals chasing after some kind of clumsy Space McGuffin in clumsy spaceships.

Like the Star Trek New Voyages debacle, the visuals are actually really really impressive. I've only seen the "trailer" so far, but I can tell you that on first blush the acting, writing and choreography seem somewhat... less so.

That's not unexpected, however. They're following the grand tradition of the official prequels.

I shouldn't really say anything because I haven't seen the whole thing. All the dorks and dorkettes out there in full pre-Episode III spasmodic hype mode are flooding the website(s) offering the fan-film for download, making it impossible to access right now.

Just knowing that outs me as a total dork, doesn't it? Look, I'm just curious so I can make fun of it properly and responsibly after having seen the whole thing. The whole download is only 250 MB long for the entire 40 minute film.

Good thing I have nothing better to do.

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