Monday, March 20, 2006
Monday Lite: Yes, In Fact, We Do Have Mother-effin' Snakes
It's not like me to self-censor as I did in the title to this post, but I figure some of you might be reading your dear, beloved Bucket whilst Not Working, so I thought I'd take it easy on the part that shows up in the big bold letters at the top.

So, now you're asking yourself: was that first paragraph a) Pops becoming a mealy-mouthed girly-man who lacks the courage of his convictions or b) an elaborate excuse to use the word "whilst"?

The answer, no doubt, lies somewhere in between.

The point of the title (for those of you interested in such trivialities) is that several weeks ago, resident home-boy and erstwhile mostly MIA pseudo-blogger B-Rent made a comment in this post that included a funny MS Paint mock-up poster for a Sam Jackson movie called Snakes On A Plane.

And the Bucketeers as one wondered: is that a real movie? Or simply yet another desperate cry for attention from our boy B-Rent?

Well, here is some footage for you to enjoy.

I'm still not sure it's a real movie. As for the other thing, well, again, I'm sure the answer lies somewhere in between.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 7.5



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