Sunday, December 31, 2006
I Can't Help It, The Road Just Rolls Out Behind Me
I should apologize for the lack of activity around here this past week, but I've been incredibly distracted by the holidays, family around (still), a day-trip down south with the wife*... there's just lots going on that is not conducive to sitting and thinking. Between all that and the totally NSFW Real Doll I got for Christmas and I'm really too exhausted to make an effort here. Thanks, Grandma.

This will be the first year that I don't do a full-blown Bucket Year in Review type of a post, but you know, '05 wasn't half bad, so why not just go read that one again? I just did and oh! My sides! Not from the post as such, but those "Real Dolls", well, they just make you do all the work. I believe I've pulled something. You know, besides the obvious.

If I had to sum up 2006 in a single thought, word, or idea, I think I'd choose to do it in an elaborate interpretive pantomime, but as I'm composing this, I'm realizing that that might not be the best method of information conveyance for a text-based blog. Or really even, being completely honest with myself, anywhere ever.

All I can really say is that I had my Bucket Man of the Year nominees down to Saddam Hussein and Gerald Ford but damned if they both didn't go and disqualify themselves by dying. The only requirement for eligibility is to have been alive for all the days of the year. It is the same criteria that kept me from seriously considering the other obvious newsmaker, Suri Cruise.

Those complications in mind, I guess I will have to go ahead and announce, for the third year running, that the winner of the 2006 Bucket Man of the Year is me. Again. I wish me heartfelt congratulations on a job well done and I truly hope I enjoy the cash prize and execute the requirements of the job with the dignity and respect it deserves. The customary award of a live full-grown llama, sadly, has been discontinued after some difficulty with the people at customs and because my wife said no.

God bless you all. See you on the other side.


*= to San Diego, but you have my permission to read into this an oral sex reference if you like.


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