Monday, December 18, 2006
Monday Lite: Post-Fever Fever Dream
I don't really understand the reasoning because I think I've had better years. There was '97 when I graduated college AND got married. There was '98 when I started (and finished!) grad school. There was '99 when I lost my virginity. 2001 I killed virtually no small animals for fun. 2003 was the year I got my Polaroid on the wall at Marinello's for finishing a six-gallon bucket of penne arrabiata in under three hours. '04, obviously, was the banner year where I bettered humanity by starting this blog AND drastically increased my intake of trans-fatty acids. You know, to spare others from having to eat them.

Yet for some reason, this year I have finally been named Time Magazine Person of the Year.

I know, it says "You" in a very non-Pops-specific kind of way, but we know who they're talking about. Read blogs? Write blogs? Disseminate online video links? Download music IN A TOTALLY LEGAL WAY? All me.

Still, '06 was good, but it wasn't really national-news-magazine-worthy as far as I can tell. I mean, sure, I did write that post about peaches, helped you all identify and confront a deep-seated childhood psychosis, properly classified the nature of what kind of being our president is and even dazzled/confounded more than a few of you with my dada-ist digital surrealism.

Strong, yes. But "Person of the Year"? I'm sorry, it just doesn't really sit well with me. Mostly because I was planning on 2009 being the Most Important and Influential Year of My Life. Now that I've already gotten this Time Magazine thing, what will be left? Oscar? Pulitzer? Nobel Prize?

You know, I'm suddenly warming to this idea.

Way to go, me.

Before I go, just to do what Time says I must be doing, I will also pass along something I first saw mentioned on Vikki's blog. It's this video from SNL called A Special Christmas Box that you really should click on and watch. But probably not so much at work. Unless you have headphones.

Further warning: Justin Timberlake Content. But it's still funny.

OK, peace out. I have to limber up for the reporters calling to interview me after my Time honor. You all should be doing the same.

This post on the Narcissus Scale: 9.4



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